Missionary Evangelist Richard Inyang has a passion for bringing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the people of Cameroon. Richard was called to work in Cameroon in 2000 and his dedication to that work continues to this day. Reluctantly, Richard was unable to remain in Cameroon when he lost funding for the work. In December of 2006 Richard and his family left for the United States of America to seek the spiritual and financial support he would need to return. The Inyang family currently lives in Minnesota. Richard was able to return to Cameroon in November and December of 2011.

Who shall I send and who will go for us? Then said I, “Here am I, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8)


Mission History in Cameroon


In December 5th 1999, Richard received an official invitation from Bro. Martins and the small congregation he established in Bamenda (North West Province of Cameroon). Richard Inyang began doing mission work in the South and South-Eastern part of Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

From 2000 to 2006, 58 campaigns and monthly leadership training seminars have been conducted. This effort has resulted in over 3000 bible studies and nearly 2500 baptisms as well as training over 150 church leaders. These numbers are not given to bring any glory to the workers but rather to God who gives the increased.

The people in the English speaking provinces of the country have been more responsive than the French region. Presently there are over 180 congregations on the English side and no more than 50 congregations in the French region.



The vision is for Cameroon congregations are to be like other African countries, to be strong, self-sustaining congregations in each and every province. The local churches will have their scriptural qualified elders and deacons to lead the church. Also for the congregations to be able to stand on its own with the help of the Lord.



Richard began the following works in Cameroon during his previous time there and will continue these works when he returns. Through these works God will be glorified and souls will be won!

  • Training for local preachers. As many as possible will be sent to the Bible School in Nigeria.
  • Evangelistic Campaigns.
  • Helping the handicapped and orphans. The need in this area is enormous.
  • Building mobile clinics in rural areas. There is a desperate need for medical care in the rural areas of Cameroon. Richards dream and prayer is for a mobile clinic in Cameroon.
  • Supplying Bibles and Song Books.
  • Organizing training seminars for women. Seminars are very valuable for strengthening women in the Cameroon church.
  • Building the church meeting place. In Cameroon, individuals and the government highly value a church building in which to meet.

There is a pressing need for many more churches, families and individuals to assist Richard’s work in Cameroon prayerfully and monetarily.

Join the team


Whether you are a student, professional or retired man or woman alike, you are invited to join a campaign team to Africa. The team usually works on a specified area and is involved in both personal and world evangelism activities; and in the case of men, teaching and preaching in the local congregations. Each day, the campaigners go out for evangelism and also teach prospects that the local church has organized. Those interested in supporting these efforts or join a campaign to Africa should contact Richard.