Service Times


Sunday Schedule

Bible Class 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Bible classes for all ages.) Worship Service 10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Wednesday Schedule

Bible Class 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Bible classes for all ages.)


Bible study and education is secondary only to living what we learn. Through study of the Bible, God’s word, we learn about Him and how He wants us to live. We offer a wide range of classes and strive to provide an engaging, welcoming and loving environment in all of them. We offer these classes to promote group and individual Bible study and development for all ages and maturity levels—children and adults.

Weekly Sermon

Aside from our relationship with God – marriage is the most important relationship we will have in this world. Once married, our spouse will have more influence our personal happiness, success, and spiritual growth than just about anyone.

That’s why on Sunday, May 21st we will begin a new series of messages entitled, “Marriage Busters Busted!” We’ll look at Biblical and practical ways to “bust” what the enemy uses to “bust up” happy marriages.

• Busting the Dating Dangers – May 21
• Busting the “I Married the Wrong Person” Blues – May 28
• Busting the Communication Killers – June 4
• Busting the Conflict Confusion – June 11
• Busting the Romance Robbers – June 25
• Busting the Money Messes – July 2
• Busting the Enemies of Life Long Love – July 9

But, if you are not married – please don’t check out! These messages are based in principles that will enhance any relationship and help you find God’s Best in your life. In addition – there is probably someone in your life who would benefit from this series whom you could invite!

We’ll follow this series up with a study devoted to an often neglected – but extremely important part of the Body of Christ – and that is single adults.

Some of the greatest heroes of faith like Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul, and even the Lord Jesus Himself – were all single people! About 50% of the United States adult population are single adults.

So, in “Saved, Single, and Satisfied” we hope to outline a basic theology of singleness, address some of the needs of single adults, and give some ministry charges to all of us – whether single or married.

• Singles are not “Second Class” Christians – July 16
• Divorce – Bitter or Better? – July 23
• Coping with the Losses of Life – July 30
• Staying Morally Pure in a Polluted World – August 6

Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Join us on Sunday Mornings as we study to Grow in Christ

Adults:  Jesus: A New King, a New Life, a New Hope is a discussion oriented Bible class that is based on the book of Matthew.

2 Years Old – Kindergarten:  An interactive Bible class meeting in room 127 that is learning Old and New Testament Bible stories.

1st - 5th Grades:  An exciting Bible class that is looking at specific characteristics of animals and how they apply to our Christian lives.  They meet in room 106.

Middle School & High School:  Middle school and high school students are discussing and studying “Why I Believe.”

Adult Classes: Living a New Life: A study of the letter to the Galatians.

2 Years - 5th Grades: We have high energy and fun-filled classes that will help the children learn Bible stories, Bible truths and God’s love for them.

Children's Worship

Children’s Worship

  Children’s Worship: Age 2-4th grade. Our children join us for the first part of family worship time on Sundays. As we give our offering, children are invited to take the front stage for a “Children’s Moment.” (The children also have an opportunity to contribute change for various service opporunities i.e.  to build fresh water wells in Africa, Feed My Starving Children, etc. in a jar on the steps). After this offering, an adult gives a brief “child’s overview” of what the adults will be studying during the sermon. The children then generally sing a song and are dismissed for Children’s Worship. In Children’s Worship, they learn Bible stories and lessons, play games and sing songs to praise God.

Nursery/Child Care


Training Room: Room #106. Our training room is available for you to use with your infants or young children if they need a little more wiggle room during the worship service.  You will be able to enjoy the service, and not worry about disturbing others.