Service Times


Sunday Schedule

Bible Class 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Bible classes for all ages.) Worship Service 10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Wednesday Schedule

Bible Class 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Bible classes for all ages.)


Bible study and education is secondary only to living what we learn. Through study of the Bible, God’s word, we learn about Him and how He wants us to live. We offer a wide range of classes and strive to provide an engaging, welcoming and loving environment in all of them. We offer these classes to promote group and individual Bible study and development for all ages and maturity levels—children and adults.

Weekly Sermon

A Study of Nehemiah

A Study of Nehemiah

Nehemiah was called by God to rebuild a wall that was in ruins.

You may feel called by God to rebuild your crumbling life, marriage, career or whatever.

However, It may seem like an impossible task. You’re facing overwhelming odds, obstacles, and opposition. So, did Nehemiah. But, the good news is that the record Nehemiah’s life and victory give us practical principles that will enable God to do something through us we thought couldn’t be done.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:15 to find out what God can do through you!

In order to see what God can do through me – I must…

2/18  Turn to Him in the Trouble (Ch. 1)

2/25  Formulate a Plan for Change (Ch. 2)

3/4    Remember I am not Alone (Ch. 3)

3/11   Overcome the Intimidation (Ch. 4)

3/18  Confront the Problems (Ch. 5)

3/25   Stay Focused on the Goal (Ch. 6)

4/8    Remain Vigilant in Victory (Ch. 7)

4/15  Stand Strong in God’s Promises (Ch. 8)

4/22  Leave the Past Behind (Ch. 9)

4/29  Choose to stay Committed (Ch. 10)

5/6     Know that Sacrifice is Never Forgotten (Ch. 11)

5/20  Harness the Power of Gratitude (Ch. 12)

5/27   Keep Moving Forward (Ch. 13)

Bible Classes

Join us on Sunday Mornings as we study to Grow in Christ

Adults:  Life Hacks:  Valuable Lessons from Old Testament Lives

A “Life Hack” is a term that describes any strategy, technique or information that helps us be more effective, productive and successful in our everyday lives.  The Old Testaments is filled with “Life Hacks” and many of them come through the examples of its people.

The lives of others inspire us, teach us, and even warn us.  As someone once said, “Everybody is good for something – even if it is to serve as an example of what NOT to do!”
In this class we plan to look at a few of those people.   Some of you know – others you won’t.  Some were good and some were bad.  The goals of this study is to find valuable “Life Hacks” in all of them.
  • Cain – Anger Mismanagement (2/11)
  • Esau – Decisions Determine Destiny (2/18)
  • Hagar – Mistreated but not Abandoned (2/25)
  • Ishmael – The Child of a Different Promise (3/4)
  • Jochabed – Hope for the Hurting (3/11)
  • Achan – The Danger of Self-Deceit (3/18)
  • Deborah – Choosing Faith Over Fear (3/25)
  • Saul – The Tragedy of Wasted Potential (4/1)
  • Abigail – The Greatness of Grace (4/8)
  • Absalom – When Resentment Ruins (4/15)
  • Jabez – The Power of a Simple Prayer (4/22)
  • Gehazi – When Greed Becomes God (4/29)

Children:  An exciting and interactive Bible class meeting in room 127 where we are working our way through the Bible…learning stories and how they apply to our lives.

Middle School & High School:  Middle school and high school students are discussing and studying “Why I Believe.”

On Wednesday evenings, we offer:

Adult Classes:  Becoming One With The Son – A Study of the Letters of John

Would you like to…

  • Feel truly forgiven?
  • Resolve your relationship problems?
  • Avoid the traps of the world’s “value system”?
  • Know who the “Anti-Christ” is?
  • Find out how to spot “false teachers”?
  • Experience more joy than fear?
  • Be more like Jesus?

Then this study of the letters of John is for you! The Apostle John chose to follow Jesus as a young man and yet remained faithful and victorious in Him through some extremely difficult times.

John is an old man when he writes these letters. So, they are godly wisdom gained through a lifetime of experience. Wisdom that will help you remain faithful and victorious in Jesus through your own hard times.


2 Years - 5th Grades: We have high energy and fun-filled classes that will help the children learn Bible stories, Bible truths and God’s love for them.

Children's Worship

Children’s Worship

  Children’s Worship: Ages 2-4th grade. Our children join us for the first part of family worship time on Sundays. As we give our offering, children are invited to take the front stage for a “Children’s Moment.” (The children also have an opportunity to contribute change for various service opportunities i.e.  to build fresh water wells in Africa, Feed My Starving Children, etc. in a jar on the steps). After this offering, an adult gives a brief “child’s overview” of what the adults will be studying during the sermon. The children then generally sing a song and are dismissed for Children’s Worship. In Children’s Worship, they learn Bible stories and lessons, play games and sing songs to praise God.

Nursery/Child Care


Training Room: Room #106. Our training room is available for you to use with your infants or young children if they need a little more wiggle room during the worship service.  You will be able to enjoy the service, and not worry about disturbing others.