Service Times


Sunday Schedule

Bible Class 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Bible classes for all ages.)

Worship Service 10:15 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Wednesday Schedule

Bible Class 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (Bible classes for all ages.)


Bible study and education is secondary only to living what we learn. Through study of the Bible, God’s word, we learn about Him and how He wants us to live. We offer a wide range of classes and strive to provide an engaging, welcoming and loving environment in all of them. We offer these classes to promote group and individual Bible study and development for all ages and maturity levels—children and adults.

Weekly Sermon


Every day we face circumstances that are so much bigger than we are.  There are problems we can’t solve, bills we can’t pay,  and obstacles we can’t overcome.  So, too often, we live afraid, stressed, out, and defeated – instead of experiencing the joy, peace, and victory God intends for us.

That is why we must be confident that our God is greater.  Greater than what?

Greater than anything that we will face in this world!  He is the Almighty King and Ruler of the universe and our lives.

So, join us on Sunday mornings this fall as we understand how

God is greater than our…

  •  Worry 9/16
  • Shame 9/23
  • Age 9/30
  • Rejection 10/14
  • Doubts 10/21
  • Anger 10/28
  • Impossibilities 11/4
  • Procrastination 12/2
  • Envy 12/9
  • Death 12/16

Bible Classes

Join us on Sunday Mornings as we study to Grow in Christ



Adults:  Vision of Victory:  A Study of Revelation

Most people view Revelation as weird book that is impossible to understand and therefore not relevant to their lives.

However, the message of Revelation is extremely timely and relevant!  It is written to encourage Christians of any era who are facing persecution or difficult times of any kind to remain hopeful and not give up their faith in Jesus Christ.

Revelation is a vision of the victory that God will ultimately and eternally win over evil and death.  However, it also shows how He empowers us to live victoriously despite the problems and suffering of life.

Join us every Sunday morning beginning on September 16th as we claim this promise found in Revelation 1:3,

Happy is the one who reads this book, and happy are those who listen to the words of this prophetic message and obey what is written in this book! For the time is near when all these things will happen. (TEV)

    • Children:  An exciting and interactive Bible class meeting in room 127 where we are working our way through the Bible…learning stories and how they apply to our lives.

      Middle School & High School:  Middle school and high school students are discussing and studying “Why I Believe.”


    • On Wednesday evenings, we offer:
    • Adult Classes:  The Case for a Creator               with Lee Strobel

New discoveries in such scientific disciplines as cosmology, cellular biology, astronomy, physics and DNA research point a complexity best explained by the existence of a Creator. In it, weighty and complex evidence is delivered in a compelling, conversational style.

Sessions include:

Science and God (9/19)

Doubts and Darwinism (9/26)

The Evidence of Cosmology  (10/3)

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe  (10/10)

The Evidence of Biochemistry  (10/17)

DNA and the Origin of Life  (10/24)


Children's Worship

Children’s Worship

  Children’s Worship: Ages 2-4th grade. Our children join us for the first part of family worship time on Sundays. As we give our offering, children are invited to take the front stage for a “Children’s Moment.” (The children also have an opportunity to contribute change for various service opportunities i.e.  to build fresh water wells in Africa, Feed My Starving Children, etc. in a jar on the steps). After this offering, an adult gives a brief “child’s overview” of what the adults will be studying during the sermon. The children then generally sing a song and are dismissed for Children’s Worship. In Children’s Worship, they learn Bible stories and lessons, play games and sing songs to praise God.

Nursery/Child Care


Training Room: Room #106. Our training room is available for you to use with your infants or young children if they need a little more wiggle room during the worship service.  You will be able to enjoy the service, and not worry about disturbing others.